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© Jus de la Vie

Charlotta Öfverholm, dancer, choreographer and artistic director of the Stockholm “Compagnie Jus de la Vie,” dances with a prosthesis, demonstrating that physical limitations do not necessarily have to be a handicap. These performance is part of the ULM MOVES! dance festival, which takes place from June 11 to 23.

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Date: June 12, 8 p.m.
Organizer and Venue: ROXY Ulm
Public transports: bus stop: "Ehinger Tor", bus lines 4,7,10,11,12 and tram lines 1,2
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choreo lab

© Guido Stuch

This event has already taken place.

We live in a society that constantly seeks and rewards success. Even though triumph is often the end result of an endless string of failures, we regard failure as a blemish. In “249 Choreographic Failures” international and local artists addressed the issue of failure, carefully identifying, describing, creating, sharing and performing failure in the form of dance.

Organizer: Moving Rhizomes e.V. (more information here) and ROXY Ulm
Events: In August 2020 the public rehearsal and dance performances had already taken place.