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Berblinger spirit


© Stadt Ulm Wirtschaftsförderung

+++ Cancelled due to the pandemic situation +++

The concept of this project: Innovative companies and research centers in Ulm would have opened their doors to give their visitors a glimpse behind the scenes. The Innovation Tour should have wraped up with the “nanuuu night”, a popular networking event for businesses and students.

Organizers: Economic support Ulm in cooperation with companies based in ulm and City of Ulm - cultural department

Berblinger Spirit Talk

© Anton Gvozdikov

These events have already taken place.

You were not able to speak with the spirit of the deceased Berblinger at the Berblinger Spirit Talks, but you were be able to enjoy entertaining and inspiring lectures given in the spirit of Berblinger. Visionary speakers presented their intriguing views and ideas on a variety of topics from human enhancement to automated inventions. On October 2 and 15 the lecture series wrapped up with music concerts.
Events were only offered in German. Events were also offered as live stream on and can still be watched on YouTube (Channel: Kultur in Ulm)
Free admission!

Dates and topics:

September 25, 2020, 6 pm, Museum Ulm: Innovations and societal Change. Panel discussion with the "Test Test Contest" jurors

October 1, 2020
, Stadthaus Ulm:
at 6.30 pm: Failed innovations: What do we learn from them? - Lecture by technology historian Prof. Dr. Reinhold Bauer (University of Stuttgart)
at 7.30 pm: Innovation as a key issue for humanity - Lecture by futurologist Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. h.c. Radermacher (FAW / n Ulm)

October 2, 2020, Museum Ulm:
6:30 pm: Prostheses, body hacking and enhancement - growing together of people and technology. Theme evening with lectures by Prof. Dr Bertold Meyer (psychology professor and prosthetic hand chopper) and Prof. Dr. Stefan Sorgner (transhumanism philosopher from Rome)
9.00 pm: Live Techno Act by Cybernetic Systems Machine (person and prosthesis merge into an audiovisual overall experience).

October 13, 2020, Stadthaus Ulm:
6.30 pm: Star Trek: How technical visions became reality - Lecture by Dr. Hubert Zitt (physics lecturer and Star Trek expert)
7.45 pm: Futures Thinking: What we can learn from science fiction for the city of tomorrow - Lecture by Dr. Anke Steinborn (cultural and media scientist from Berlin)

October 15, 2020, Stadthaus Ulm:
6.30 pm: Innovation and art from the machine: Can machines be creative? - With lectures by Mads Pankow (Berlin) and Sabine Wieluch (Ulm)
8.00 pm: SONIC ROBOTS - The Robot Techno Orchestra Concert

Organizer: City of Ulm - cultural department
Stadthaus Ulm and Museum Ulm

fuckup night

© Fuckup Night

This event has already taken place.

It’s not our failures that are important, but how we deal with them, and our courage and will to make a change. Speakers at the Fuckup Night confessed their mistakes and explained how they have learned to turn lemons into lemonade. The stories were meant to inspire and encourage listeners, helping to create a positive approach toward handling the ubiquitous failure.

Organizer: City of Ulm - cultural department and ROXY Ulm
Venue: ROXY Ulm
Date: September 29, 2020

science slam

© Ralf Hartung

This event has already taken place.

At the Berblinger 2020 Science Slam, everything revolveed around the topic of the future. Berblinger would certainly have been able to contribute to the future of flight if people had only listened to him. Participants at the Future Slam had a different experience! Each participant had ten minutes to present their topic to an attentive audience.
The audience then decided who walked away as the new Future Slam star of the evening.

Roxy Ulm and City of Ulm - cultural department
Venue: ROXY Ulm
Date: September 22, 2020

social impact weekend

© EYA-E.Puella

The EYA Impact Weekend Ulm should have brought together participants from differing fields such as programming, social innovation and business, with the aim of implementing their innovative ideas for sustainable digital projects. The focus should have been on achieving positive effects for society through new applications of digital technology.
Unfortunately, this event had to be cancelled due to Corona.

Organizer: EYA ( European Youth Award)
Venue: Verschwörhaus Ulm and Museum Ulm
September 24 to 26, 2020: workshop
September 26, 2020  presentations