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    Ideas can change the world - if they receive sufficient support. The City of Ulm and the Sparkasse Ulm are holding an innovation competition to ensure that Berblinger’s experience doesn’t repeat itself in 2020. Over a period of three evenings, innovators present their idea pitches, which range in topic from technical to social/sustainable and cultural/artistic.
    The audience then decides who wins the prize money of up to € 15,000.

    Events are only offered in German.

    Organizer: culture department ulm
    Venue: Museum Ulm Events: 09-25-2020 19:30 h : first competition 09-26-2020 19:30h: second competition 10-17-2020 18:30h: final competition and award ceremony
    Public transport: bus stop: “Rathaus Ulm” , busses 4,5,6,46,58,59,70, 71,73,77,78,79,84,84x,88,88x,597,763,737,850,870

  • fashion Article

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    In reference to the tailor of Ulm and his story, which began with the dream of flying, the exciting project of Berblinger + Nobel was created, in which a lot of homeland solidarity, passion and self-fulfilment is hidden.
    With "Fashion for Dahoim" Berblinger + Nobel create T-shirts, bags, caps, and much more Young, dynamic and stylish and above all with a lot of heart! This is important to the makers of Berblinger + Nobel when designing their collections.

    Contact and further information at

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    The Berblinger Tower reminds of Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger: master tailor, inventor, aviation pioneer and citizen of the city of Ulm. The Berblinger Tower App provides information about his life, the failed flight attempt and interesting facts about the tower. Experience the history of Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger with Augmented Reality and dive into the world of the 19th century.

    The app is available for free in the App Store and Google Play Store for download!

  • Volvo Studio Ulm Article

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    The Hans-und-Sophie-Scholl Square was being transformed into the Volvo Mobile Studio - a place to meet, get informed and exchange ideas about sustainable mobility for the future. And that twice as part of the Berblinger anniversary. Volvo took the opportunity to present its own ambitious visions, but the focus was more on discussing ideas. Various lectures on the subject of "The Future of...

  • berblinger flight forum Article

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    Due to the corona pandemic, the flight challenge was canceled.
    In this ambitious project the City of Ulm had planned to send several aircrafts on a journey from the mouth of the Danube at the Black Sea all the way to its source in Donaueschingen. The goal was to set an example for sustainable air traffic with a long-distance flight that is virtually emission and sound free.

    PROGRAM INSTEAD: event "Berblinger Flight Forum"
    To honor the work of those, who were involved in the Berblinger Flight Competitions in the past, the city is planing an event in May 26, 2022. The panel discussion with the topic "future of aviation" and a review of 35 years of Berblinger flight competitions can be followed live, online and for free.

    The event is offered in German.

    Organizier: City of Ulm - cultural department
    Venue: online on this website
    Date: May 26, 2022

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    Tailor, inventor, husband, pilot... Who was Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger? What was it that drove him? Which image did he have in the township? And what are the lessons of his success and failure?

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    Friday, May 27th 06.10 pm - 07.00 pm Liffey Looms - powerful but sensitive singer-songwriter duo 07.15 pm - 08.15 pm Loud Packers - Hip-Hop with Carribean flair and Indie sounds 08.30 pm - 09.30 pm Moltke&Mörike - Punk- and Indie-Rock Saturday, May 28th 11.00 am - 06.00 pm "Das Sternenstauborchester auf Weltraumtournee" with artist Manuel Stahl - a workshop to explore, tinker,...

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